What are the rules?

The original title of this post was “What Is Circadian Creative?” As I started writing I realized I needed to clarify some of my rules and intentions both to my audience as well as myself. So here they are, the rules and intentions. They are quite simple really, just how I like everything in life, and design.

As I contemplated the concept of a daily design challenge so many things went through my mind. Things like “this would be so awesome to do!” and then there were things like “oh man, that would be so hard to do – to come up with a different design every single day for one year.” After processing most of these thoughts and feelings I eventually got down to the nitty gritty of my situation. Like I’ve said before, it’s taken me since late December to get to this point. I am glad I have decided to take on the challenge. I respect both how cool it will be, as well as how difficult it will be. It can only benefit me in the long run. After all, what has not killed me in the past has only made me strong enough to take on this challenge. So, with that being said, I am as ready as I’ll ever be to get on with this thing.

So, what are the rules? The good thing about this challenge for me is this – there are no rules. The only real rule is that the participant must create something every day. This is difficult enough. And the idea is this, if one can commit to doing this on even the most basic level each day it will keep that person sharp and creative enough to meet any challenge in his or her professional life. It will teach that person to deal with creative block and other common afflictions suffered by creatives.

So, what are my rules? Well, they are the same. I will attempt to create something every single day for 365 days. I will post that thing to the world, here on the Circadian Creative blog. I will attempt to not deviate from that, but I will tell you this; there will be times when I cannot design something every day. For example some days I will be out of town, even with a laptop at my side most of the time I may not be able to steal away and create something. There will also be days when I create more than one thing and will be compelled to save the surplus design(s) for a future post. For example, I have a few designs that were predecessors to the banner designed at the top of this page and I really want to share them and talk about them. They will be posted, perhaps in the first few days of April. So, I guess the rule that I will follow is that I will post something everyday. Most of my posts will be created the day of, but some may be leftovers or extras from a previous day’s antics.

I will also attempt to describe each piece that is posted each day. Doing this will be excellent documentation for me on how my process currently exists and how it might develop and improve as a result of this project. It will also give you the reader an explanation of what you are looking at each day and help to channel constructive commentary from you if you so choose to share. I do want feedback on the posts too. Hopefully, I will attract some seasoned designers to critique the things I am doing here, but I want non-designers to comment as well. It helps to hear why a certain image works or does not work from the perspective of someone who is not involved in all the ins and outs of design.

Finally, don’t expect crazy, elaborate finished products. I will be doing some very basic stuff sometimes. I may try to recreate some assignments from my advertising design classes (boring, but educational for me). I might experiment with the most basic concepts and some days you may see some stuff like a red circle on a black field. Or two colors overlapping to create a third color. This is not only a challenge for me to create something ever day, it is a challenge for me to go back to the basics and relearn some things that may have eluded me over the years. Like I said before, I will try to provide commentary and explanations for every post to help you figure out where I’m coming from.

So those are my rules and what you can expect. The answer to “What is Circadian Creative?” may best be saved for another post in a few days or perhaps incorporated into one of my early design commentaries.

See you all again in a few days!

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