Typographic Character Forms 3

Continuing with the theme of using typographic characters as forms or shapes and having them interact with one another. I am also continuing the 1/3 scaling of each character that I introduced yesterday. In the previous two designs the 3 letter forms were merged in a way that created one, cohesive shape. This created an experiment in positive and negative space using only two colors (shades of gray).

Today additional shades of gray are introduced to distinguish each character form from their neighbors. The characters no longer overlap, or merge, as they did in the previous designs. Today they interact, or influence each other individually to create the feeling of a balancing act. Balance is a key factor in design. Static elements in a layout can be given the perception of weight by use of scale, color value, position, as well as other factors.

typographic character forms 3

If I were to name this piece I would call it “power of balance.” The numerical character 2, which today gets to be 1/3 the size of the largest character, is tasked with balancing both of it’s larger neighbors. The 2 has a flat base which gives it a perceived stability. Even with its arc shaped top, it balances the a at a single point. The a is rotated 60 degrees which throws off it’s center of gravity. However, the s, which is not rotated, stably nests itself on the rotated a. This positioning assists to offset the a‘s disrupted center. In the end the characters’ grouped orientation creates a shared center of gravity and thus, perceptual stability despite their precarious arrangement. The poor little 2 is still bearing the brunt of the weight though, so I used lighter shades of gray for the a and the s to create a perception of lighter physical weight. By using scale, rotation and value (lightness and darkness) each of these characters is interacting with one another to create a sense of balance in the overall design. Good work guys!

See you all tomorrow

1 thought on “Typographic Character Forms 3

  1. Love this one the most of all the typographic characters so far, as well as your description of it. I think you’re really getting into this and I already see your love for design growing. I’m so proud of you. Keep it up.

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