Typographic Character Forms 4

Today we continue to hang out with the same characters. Literally! Yesterday our characters performed a balancing act for us. I explained how variations in rotation, value, scale and arrangement can create a perception of balance in a design.

typographic character forms 4

In today’s design we find our 2 doing most of the work once again. This time supporting the weight of the s and the a as they hang on for their lives. We can use the base of the 2 to, again, give us a sense of stability, or support. Rotated at 180 degrees the 2‘s shape resembles a hook on which the s may hang. The a appears as it may be temporarily part of this group as it is precariously supported on the edge of the s. However, at this moment in time they are influencing each other. We see this in the slight rotation of the s which indicates that the a has some weight and is able to push the s on it’s pivot point which is located between s and the 2.

Not much else to say about this one. Enjoy. Feel free to hang out for a while and look at some of the previous designs. See you again tomorrow with another design!