Happy Birthday Michelle

Today is my sister Michelle’s birthday so this post is dedicated to her. Inspiration for the design comes from two sources. First, and most obvious, is the image of the bridge in the background. My sister is a civil engineer for the West Virginia Department of Highways. She is heavily involved in the execution of road and bridge projects. A year or so ago she finished the largest project of her career so far – completion of the Blennerhassett Bridge near Parkersburg W.Va. So that’s why I put a bridge picture in the background.

Happy birthday Michelle

Happy Birthday Michelle

The second inspiration is late night television programs. For as long as I can remember Michelle has loved late night tv. I love late night tv as well, and so does my other sister Mary. But Michelle – well, she is on a different level. For example, she is the only person I know who has a crush on David Letterman. This is a crush which has stood the test of time. I believe it began around 1983. So the typesetting is done with a Late Night or Saturday Night Live influence. I used a semi-transparent, bold, san serif typeface to overlay the background image.

That’s it. your daily design. And to Michelle, I say happy birthday! have a great day and don’t stay up too late.
See you all tomorrow,

1 thought on “Happy Birthday Michelle

  1. Sean, it’s so awesome how you think through all these designs and make them so special for the ones you dedicate them to! What a great “big brother” Michelle and Mary have, and what a blessing you are to me! Love ya lots,Mom 🙂

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