Typographic Character Forms 5

Today is the last day for our a, s and 2 set in Helvetica medium. They are all scaled to be about the same physical height and overlap at various points to highlight the clean curves in the typeface, which is what attracted me to these particular characters in the first place (both, 11 or so years ago, as well as today). Today’s design helps to accentuate those clean turns and curves.

typographic character forms 5

The cleanness and simplicity of Helvetica has always made it my favorite typeface. It is clean and modern. It is also diverse, featuring a vast number of weights and styles which have developed over the years. despite this diversity, each weight and style remain true to the original intent of Helvetica as a modern and clean typeface. No matter how it is set, it remains fresh and current.

The clean geometry of each character make it easy to work with as a graphic element with out making it’s contribution to a design busy or cluttered. It is a great typeface for the minimalist which in many ways describes my own style.

As I mentioned before, my education in design began with this assignment, as well as Helvetica. I find it fitting that I decided to kick off this project the same way. You will likely see Helvetica used often in my designs during the coming months and I will point out when and how it is used as much as I can. Thank you Helvetica!

With that, I will move on with another typeface in my next rendition of Typographic Character Forms. I still haven’t decided whether I will use different characters or not. You will just have to check back to see.

See you all tomorrow!

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