Happy Birthday Mary

Today is the birthday of my sister Mary. My baby sister! We are sometimes compared to each other in our ways, the things we say and our underlying styles. Where Mary’s creativity shines is in her love of music. She is not a musician, but she is an aficionado when it comes to just about all things related to music. Just as I have become involved in many technical aspects of visual arts, she has taken the lead on the technical nuances of the auditory arts. In her college days and during her twenties, Mary was heavily involved in radio programming and production. She’s also had her own radio show at a couple stations. Not only does she enjoy her time behind a mixing board and turntable, she appreciates the historical and social details of many musical genres. When I have a question about a song, an artist or want information on a particular genre or sound, I can always count on Mary to point me in the right direction.

happy birthday Mary

Happy Birthday Mary!

So, Mary’s birthday design is quite simply an iPod. I imagine that if Mary could have one thing, aside from her family and friends, it would be an iPod crammed with all her music and unlimited battery life. I used the iPod screen elements and interface design to display Mary’s birthday message. Her album cover image is her pride and joy – daughter Lilly. Truly one of MEW’s greatest hits! Also, note the presence of the numbers 4 and 14 in the play count and play time areas. Huh, pretty good eh?

Although Mary is often on the cutting edge of pop culture and appreciates outrageous and current trends, she is also mindful and respectful of the past and the things that came before us. I attempted to capture this visually in the creation of the background image. Here I chose a victorian style pattern to symbolize history and conservatism. I contrasted this antique pattern by using a hot pink on black color palette that is typical of post-modern, crazy fun. The pattern and color scheme end up working quite well together, just like the values and personality that make Mary who she is today! Happy Birthday Mary, Rock on!

See you all tomorrow!