Typographic Character Forms 7

Today I am using the same characters from Typographic Character Forms (TCF) 6. On Tuesday I set the characters further apart so everyone could see the shape of each one. Today I am drawing them in tightly on one another. This arrangement gives me a feeling of a sculpture. Or, perhaps a creature like an octopus balled up on the ocean floor with some of it’s curling tentacles visible. I like how the tight arrangement accentuates the negative space of each character. The openings of each character are more prominent in this arrangement. The negative spaces surrounding and within a character are important in the identity and style of a typeface. Really, that is what the TCF exercises are all about – exploring the shape of the characters, both inside and out.

typographic character forms 7

Finally, the color inspiration is a bit past its peak. When I think of this color combo it takes me to the earliest part of spring where daffodils and forsythia are prominent. We have reached the end of that cycle here in the mid-atlantic region, but I wanted to squeeze the color combo in at the last minute.

Let me know what you think! See you all tomorrow!

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