Typographic Character Forms 9

Like yesterday’s post I switched out the characters again. I will also have you guess which 3 I chose (still not too difficult). Like the past few I am still using the typeface Clarendon Bold.

typographic character forms 9

This one is probably my favorite so far. I think I like it so much because it is more like a brand identity piece (logo) than any of the others. Brand identity is one of my favorite observations in the design world. I love looking at company logos. I have a genuine appreciation for how a well designed logo makes us immediately relate to a company’s product, service and identity in the marketplace. I am spending a considerable amount of time on the TCF designs for several reasons, but this image reminds me that one of those reasons is to become a better logo and identity designer. This piece is confirming to me that the daily design challenge is starting to get me back on the right track.

Color inspiration, again, comes from the spring season. This time the greens are more dominant and varied like the leaves of trees that turn from the bright green of new growth to more mature and perhaps darker shades. A pop of yellow color is added. It’s like a dandelion poking through a rich green lawn. The shapes of the characters as they merge together also give me the feeling of a stem and leaf. If this were a brand identity it might be a garden shop, landscaping company or perhaps any other company that is just “going green” somehow.

Hope you enjoy! See you all tomorrow.