Typographic Character Forms 10

Today is the last day for the typeface Clarendon. Hope you have enjoyed it. I certainly have. I feel the inclusion of color on this go around has helped me to play with the character shapes on a whole new level. I would like to move on with TCF submissions until the end of April experimenting with two more type styles. We have seen my favorite San Serif typeface, Helvetica. And Clarendon is my favorite slab serif typeface. My next 2 typefaces will be my favorite Serif face and a script face, which I can’t say I have a favorite but I have a couple in mind.

typographic character forms 10

happy belated tax day!

This design may have been better suited for last Thursday, Tax Day. The character choices are fairly obvious an upper case ‘X’ rotated on it’s side, a zero rotated approximately 50 degrees and a dollar sign ($). I was intrigued by the negative space inside the top and bottom of the ‘X’ and how they seemed to create arrows pointing up and down. When rotated 90 degrees, the arrows point inward from the left and right sides. After considering what they might be pointing at I felt a circular shape would fit, and balance nicely. So I chose the zero as my numerical character, leaving me with one more character choice – the dollar sign ($). Is this design hitting home for anyone?

Happy belated tax day everyone.
See you all tomorrow!