Happy Birthday Chris

Today is the birthday of my brother-in-law Chris. Today’s creation is a shout out to wish him the best on his special day. Chris is an avid outdoors man. He is most comfortable out in the field or stream sizing up his quarry, which ranges from big game hunting to fishing. I will stop there and won’t get all mushy with a description of Chris (I’m sure he is sighing in relief as he reads this). I’ll just say he’s a good man and it’s a distinct pleasure to have him as part of the family.

happy birthday chris

Happy Birthday Chris!

Since fishing is the likely place to be this time of year I chose that activity as the theme of today’s design. I found a stock image of several types of lures. I chose a bold sans-serif font for the birthday message and used a combination of hard drop shadow and a white outer glow to help the message stand out effectively against a busy background. The olive drab color of the type reinforces an outdoor motif. I added some visual interest by rotating the background image 30 degrees and by using fishing lures to represent the ‘i’ in the words ‘birthday’ and ‘chris’.

Happy birthday big guy. Hope you land the catch of the day!
See you all tomorrow!

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