Typographic Character Forms 12

Well Garamond is initially proving a bit difficult for me. I see Garamond as a formal typeface so it has been difficult for me to arrange the character forms of this typeface to create an abstract design, or any design. Both this design and the TCF 11 took a little time for me to complete, but the experimentation is fun. I played around with several different characters yesterday evening and finally I settled on this arrangement.

typographic character forms 12

I don’t have much to say about it. I chose some bright, fun colors. Perhaps I am thinking of the beach. That’s were I am headed today. I will be on the road this weekend but have prepped some ideas and will be updating from Virginia Beach. So, stay tuned and check back daily.

I also want to thank everyone for their comments, both here and on Facebook. It really helps to hear what you think whether you like a design or not. So, thank you for participating.

See you again tomorrow from sunny, humid, Virginia Beach, VA!

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