Typographic Character Forms 15

Today is the last day for our friend Garamond. The chosen characters for today’s design were initially picked somewhat randomly. I have been wanting to use the lowercase ‘e’ because I feel it is one of the more distinguishing characters of the Garamond typeface. The small counter (eye, or top portion) of the lower case ‘e’ is one of the giveaways when identifying this font.

typographic character forms 15

After looking at the the design more closely I guess one could say that this design is fitting. The ‘5’ signifying the fifth Garamond design. I have only been creating 5 designs for each typeface. So, perhaps the ‘e’ stands for “end.” The curly brace at the bottom looks a little like a book – perhaps about to close. Am I reaching yet?

What I’ve learned from Garamond is that it was at times more difficult to create an abstract design from it’s characters. It has been noted in some of the facebook commentary that the designs seemed more “formal,” “fancy” or refined. Trust me, it wasn’t necessarily my doing that made that look happen. It is just that Garamond exudes that sophisticated feeling in and of itself. It is a classic and will often render that formal and elegant feeling to the reader or in this case the viewer.

Thank you Garamond, we’ve had a lovely time. Tomorrow I will introduce you all to a script font which I have been partial to for some time. See you all then.

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