Typographic Character Forms 20

Well, This is the last TCF piece for the typeface Coronet. It is also the last one (at least for now). I am at a bit of loss for words on this one. I do like it a lot. I just can’t pin point exactly what I am getting from this one though. I would definitely be interested to hear what it’s doing, or not doing, for you.

typographic character forms 20

After today I will move on to another theme/assignment. I am thinking about doing some exploration of basic shape forms for awhile. I will start by using the simple shapes we first learned about in kindergarten (circles, squares, triangles), and then get more elaborate with the shape forms as time goes on. I will also continue to experiment with color as I go. I am hoping this shape forms project will help to get me back in touch with my roots as an illustrator.

I loved doing the TCF pieces and I will certainly revisit this project periodically during the year. I love typography and I feel like I have learned and benefited greatly for spending so much time on this assignment. I hope you all have enjoyed it as well.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who is participating with me on this journey. Your comments and critiques are really helping me to see how things work from the viewer’s standpoint. This is valuable to me on so many levels. It helps to reinforce my perceptions of what is successful or unsuccessful as it relates to each design. Periodically I find that one or more of you enjoys a design when I thought it would be a dud. I encourage you to continue sharing your impressions with me. Even if you don’t like something, tell me why.

See you all tomorrow as I embark on a new assignment!