Basic Shape Forms 5

Today we get to see all 3 of our basic shape forms interacting and there is definitely a couple things going on here. The square serves as the foundation for the other 2 shapes. I made use of color to separate the shapes visually but also to increase the level of interaction between them. In this way the square appears to be semi-transparent and, I suppose, the triangle is completely transparent. The triangle creates a void inside the square, allowing the circle to rest securely. The square is blue and the circle is red and where they overlap the color shifts to a dark magenta shade. Naturally when blue and red mix you see purple or violet, but here, since the transparent triangle is involved it takes away just enough blue to prevent full blown purple. So the crescent where the circle and square overlap is more like 75% red and 25% blue. Had it been 50/50 then it would be more purple. The “transparent” triangle appears darker because some blue from the square is being allowed to mix with the background color, gray.

basic shape forms 5

The color mixing described above is not precise. In fact I deliberately limited myself from utilizing and precise assistance from the software. I wanted to create the illusion of transparency on my own in an attempt to better think with color. So perhaps I should go back and let the computer calculate what color would present itself and see how close I was. Regardless I think the illusion works whether the color is off or not.

That’s it for today! I hope you like it and I will see you all back here tomorrow!