Basic Shape Forms 8

Moving right along with Basic Shape Forms, I thought I would reflect on some components of yesterday’s Mother’s Day design. The ultimate goal of BSF is to first re-familiarize myself with the basic shapes (perfect circle, proper square and equilateral triangle). Secondly, through my renewed understanding of those shapes I will hope to garner a better understanding of how to effectively use those shapes to inspire and create more abstract and complex forms. From there, more creative elements can be effectively created and utilized in designs and illustrations. By the end of this month I hope to be posting basic illustrations derived from these shape forms.

The Mother’s Day design is a perfect example of how this all comes together. The straight lines and rectangular shapes in the design create a solid foundation (the ledge, or shelf, and the striped wall paper). These elements combine to form a concrete environment for the focal point, the vase of flowers, which is were your eyes focus first and return to again as you study the composition. Every aspect of the vase of flowers was created by manipulating circles. From the vase itself to the pointy green sprigs of grass poking out from between the flowers, which were created by using a very thin crescent shape.

basic shape forms 8

Today’s post shows how the football shapes used for the flower petals were created by overlapping two perfect circles and extracting that area as it’s own unique shape. This shape was then simply rotated and duplicated in such a way that it resembles the many petals of a daisy like flower, or the few, slightly offset petals of a tulip shaped flower.

Enjoy! See you tomorrow.