Basic Shape Forms 12 (my thoughts on the square)

The circle is a dynamic shape, the triangle is a catalytic shape. So what is the square? The square, to me, is stability. Like the foundation of a house or the solid barrier of a wall, the square defines the limits of a given situation. Visually, it is a solid, grounding force.

We can move beyond the square at this point and also include the rectangle in this lot. The 4 sided shapes in our world are the building blocks on which everything else securely rests. They create the walls which keep us safe from the outside elements that might otherwise harm us. The 4 sided shapes give us structure. Their 3 dimensional forms are solid blocks which can be joined to form a secure structure. They are also a hallow box which is a structure in and of it’s self.

basic shape forms 12
This type of structure is almost always man made. It is our way as humans to attempt to create stability and control in an otherwise seemingly chaotic universe. The square, the rectangle, the block and the cube all represent structure and stability visually. In design the objective is often, to juxtapose this feeling of stability by creating the 4 sided stable form and then interfering with it in a way that creates visual interest. This is why being creative in your thinking is often referred to as “thinking outside the box,” which is what I am building up to with the daily design challenge. First we must understand the box and draw it, only then can we know how to go beyond it and interfere with it’s stability to create a visually interesting image or design. Most of what I’ve done here so far has been my attempt to rediscover the proverbial box. Gradually I am moving toward thinking outside.

Today and tomorrow, look around and see all the squares, rectangles, blocks, boxes and cubes that are in our world. Contemplate and attempt to understand them well. For only then will you be able to think beyond them.

Have a great day! See you all tomorrow.