Basic Shape Forms 13

The remainder of the BSF designs will begin to verge, or segue, into actual illustrations. I will attempt to demonstrate how the basic form can be manipulated into more abstract shapes to create not only an actual representation of real world objects, but the impression of other abstract concepts such as motion, and dimension.

basic shape forms 12

Here we have several circles on  dark blue field. The repetition and distortion of these circles transforms the image into a speeding comet or meteor streaking across the night sky, or through outer space. This is what we see immediately and after some study of the image we might break the image down to its basic circular roots. Only then will we actually see the circles for themselves. For most of us, all we see is the comet and stars.

One of the most enjoyable challenges for me is finding the appropriate balance between the obvious and the subtle in a given composition. Here I wanted you to first see the comet screaming through space and notice the circles later. I hope that I accomplished that, It was a fairly easy task. But, in some designs the appropriate balance is more challenging. You might want the viewer to not see the image until after seeing the circle. You might have 3 or more levels of imagery or message in a composition and you want the viewer to see each in a particular order. That is the challenge of design, guiding the viewer in a way that maximizes the impact and understanding of the composition, layout or illustration.

See you all tomorrow.