Basic Shape Forms 15

basic shape forms 15

Today I am revisiting the 4 sided shape, the square. Like yesterday’s post with the triangles/pyramid, I am going 3D again with the image. I created a large green cube and thinking back to my thoughts on the square as a foundation, I cropped in on the cube making it seem like a platform. I then created a second smaller cube to rest on this platform. After playing around with the image I decided to have the golden cube appear to be floating. To create this effect I created a shadow below the golden cube and used a light to dark gradient of color in the background (sky) to give a feeling of light from above. This helps to further define the shadow under the cube and enhances the overall effects of dimension and light, as well as make the golden cube appear to float. All hail the hypnocube!

See you all tomorrow.

1 thought on “Basic Shape Forms 15

  1. Before I read the post and the word “floating” influenced me, I saw the cube as sitting at the back of the large one and the shadow was a hole for the square peg… kinda like those games for babies to learn their shapes. Weird how words influence because now I can only see it floating.

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