Today’s design is a spoof image in honor of the new MacGruber movie in theaters today! I honestly can’t say I am a huge fan of MacGruber and I probably won’t see the movie until it comes out on DVD/BluRay/On demand. But I think the original Saturday Night Live bits are pretty funny. Mostly I like the intro scenes of the explosions with MacGruber standing in front of them.


MacGruber is a spoof of the hit TV show MacGyver. I have always enjoyed spoofs so today I am posting my cat, Q, in front of a MacGruberesque explosion and overlaying the logotype to spell MacQuber (I actually do call him MacQuber sometimes). It is a spoof of a spoof!

Here is a side note on the logotype since, after all, this is a design blog. In the Saturday Night Live skits the logo type is set with a font called Copperplate and modified a bit. They have modified the logotype a bit for the motion picture using a font that looks to me like Banker Gothic. I chose to use Copperplate for the MacQuber logotype since I am partial to Saturday Night Live’s skits.

See you all tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “MacQuber!

  1. Awww at first glance Q looks so cute, like he could never have done that. But if you look closer… there it is… the little gleam in his eye that says he’s capable. Great design, despite what I think of MacGruber.

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