Basic Shape Forms 19

Today is the second to last post for basic shape forms. Not sure why I got off of my illustration kick, but there will be more of those in future posts I’m sure. Today’s design demonstrates visually what I shared with you previous when I wrote my thoughts on each of the basic shape forms.

basic shape forms 19

Here I see the circle and the triangle as the dominant shapes. The circle visually represents motion as the many rings radiate outward. They also exhibit a certain pattern as they radiate. Each band spreads further from it’s predecessor and the color pattern changes more or less consistently with the natural color spectrum. The circles represent a beautiful routine, on going, throughout the composition. The triangles indicate a non-uniform change, unorganized and chaotic. Like shards of broken glass they fracture the entire composition. The shifting that takes place in the color banding because of their presence helps to define this effect even more clearly. What you may or may not see are the squares. There are 4 of them, 5 if you count the actual boundary of the document. They represent the underlying structure of the composition, dividing it subtly into 4 stable quadrants. Whether it be the 4 quadrants or the actual boundary of the document, the square shape appears to contain the chaos, preventing it from escaping.

That’s it for today. See you all tomorrow.