Book Cover Design Project #5 – Urban Jungle

Urban JungleThe city. The term refers to its streets, alleys, subway system, inner-city neighborhoods, playgrounds and schools. Usually a metropolis characterized by densely packed residential buildings, businesses and a decaying industrial sector. In the 1970’s, the urban jungle was referred to as “the street”. Also known as “the concrete jungle”. This is a broader term that encompasses both The Hood and The Ghetto.

book cover design project 5 - urban jungle

Ah, the Urban jungle. My initial impressions of this design is that it is a complete failure. First, the design goal for this series was to try to create very basic imagery and combine it with simple typography. I wanted to keep everything very simple and in that effort create designs that are reminiscent of 1960’s penguin books or designs that resemble those of Saul Bass. I have not accomplished this here. Today’s rendition of “urban jungle” is more 1990’s bookstore, coffee house than 1960’s paperback.

Aside from not meeting the design assignment’s criteria, I think I’ve created imagery more appropriate for a book about architecture than what the term Urban Jungle might imply. The top and bottom area of the design come from a photo I took of the ornamental top portion of a decaying pillar. The center of the design located behind the words urban jungle come from another photo I took of a modern architectural feature. The over all composition appears too decorative or sophisticated to say urban jungle. Perhaps the book could be about cities that contain a wide variety architecture. Or architectural changes that have taken place since the rise of cities in America covering classical and modern and all other types of architecture in between. Maybe that’s an urban jungle too, right?

Reminders: If you would like to submit your suggestion of a word or phrase for me to design something around please leave it in the comments field below. If you are on Facebook add Circadian Creative to your pages here. Be sure to click “like” to add it to your pages!

See you all tomorrow!

1 thought on “Book Cover Design Project #5 – Urban Jungle

  1. I know this design isn’t what you originally wanted to create, but I find it interesting nonetheless. It’s a good book cover. I also love how you incorporated photos that you took on one of our day excursions. So, overall, I believe it’s a success.

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