Book Cover Design Project #8 – Under The Wire

“Under The Wire” – Another common expression meaning to complete or achieve a goal at the last possible second. The phrase originated from the sport of horse racing. Prior to the invention of the cameras a wire was tightly strung above the finish line in an effort to assist stewards with calling a close race. The horse whose nose crossed under the wire first was the winner.

book cover design project 8 - under the wire

Today’s design was also done under the wire. Meaning I waited until the last minute to complete it. However, don’t be fooled by the use of white (empty) space and the simple black and white color scheme. I usually work in black and white and/or shades of gray to get a design started and only add a color scheme toward the end of the process. After figuring out the general composition here I decided to leave it black on white. I really like the look. Really. I’m serious. Hope you like it too.

See you all tomorrow.