Book Cover Design Project #11 – Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

“Every cloud has a silver lining” – Yet another “fan” submission from the Facebook page. Thanks to all of you who are contributing new topics. Like yesterday’s expression, this phrase also dates back to the 1600’s. The term “silver lining” was coined by John Milton in 1634 in his writing Comus where he refers to “a sable cloud” and a “silver lining”. Hence forth, clouds and silver linings have been referred to often in literature. The phrase as we know it today implies that there is a good purpose, or result, in everything. Even when things seem to be dark and dreary as in the case of storm clouds, eventually rays of sun must shine through. Thus casting a silver lining on the dark clouds before they disperse all together. The phrase is one of inspiration.

book cover design project 11 - every cloud has a silver lining

Today I attempted to illustrate the emergence of light after a dark storm. I often make use of clip art when creating imagery but I will be sure to point out when I create imagery and illustration myself, which is what I have done here today with the background image. The typography is a display font called Teaspoon. The font elicits a soft “puffy” feeling, sort of like a cloud. The color scheme utilizes varying shades of gray highlighted by bright pale yellow which creates a contrast of darkness and coldness with the onset of light and warmth. With that I will leave you with the words of John Milton. Have a great day.

I see ye visibly, and now believe
That he, the Supreme Good, to whom all things ill
Are but as slavish officers of vengeance,
Would send a glistering guardian, if need were
To keep my life and honour unassailed.
Was I deceived, or did a sable cloud
Turn forth her silver lining on the night?
I did not err; there does a sable cloud

Turn forth her silver lining on the night,
And casts a gleam over this tufted grove.

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See you all tomorrow.