Book Cover Design Project #12 – It’s Always Darkest Just Before Dawn

“It’s always darkest just before dawn” – Today I submit to you another “fan” submission. It seems we are in an inspirational trend here. This phrase was difficult to research. The implications of the phrase are fairly obvious, things get worse and perhaps quite dismally worse before they get better. I had trouble finding an accurate origin for the phrase. Every culture seems to have claimed it as their proverb. Writer Carlos Castaneda claims it as an old Spanish proverb. I have also seen it claimed as an old Irish, and English proverb and found several slight variations in the wording of the phrase. So who knows.

book cover design 12 - its always darkest just before dawn

Today’s design gives me a bit of a twilight zone vibe. In the background illustration I attempted to capture the feeling of the break of day, or the crack of dawn. I imagine what a person might see at the very first glimmer of light on the horizon. The moment where one may have given up any hope that a dark night may ever end. Just then they see the line of the horizon begin to glow and know that a new day is just about to begin. That’s it for today! Have a great one.

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See you all tomorrow.