Book Cover Design Project #15 – Birds Of A Feather…

“Birds of a feather flock together” – This proverb dates back to 1545 when Robert Turner used a version of it in The Rescuing of Romish Fox; “Byrdes of one kynde and colour flok and flye allwayes together”. The first appearance in its current English form was in 1599, in the The Dictionarie in Spanish and English, compiled by John Minshue; “Birdes of a feather will Flocke togither.”

It is true that birds of the same species will form flocks. The main reason for this is to avoid predation. Safety in numbers. The expression implies that humans will tend to do the same thing, perhaps for any number of reasons.

book cover design project 15 - birds of a feather

Creating the design I just let the words and the image of the feather guide me and it seemed quite effortless today. The image of the feather is from a photograph (not one of mine). You can view the original here. The red background was created by desaturating the original image using Photoshop and then applying hue and saturation adjustments. I then applied a posterize adjustment to the image, reducing the image to about 5 colors/shades. I chose a typeface called Bauhaus which gives a bit of a late 60’s early 70’s funk feeling. I chose a script typeface with long swashes, called Zapfino, to represent the word feather. I didn’t really think about what kind of book this design might represent while working. I would love to hear what kind of book or story you might be thinking of. I will return later and share what I thought while reflecting on the completed design.

That’s it for today. I think this might be my favorite BCD submission yet!

Reminders: I am always accepting submissions for words or phrases. If you would like to see me design something around yours, submit it in the comments area below. Also, If you are on Facebook please add Circadian Creative’s Facebook page to your “liked” pages. If you log into Facebook and do a search on Circadian Creative it will come up at the top of the list. I update the page daily after each post here and I have also archived the daily designs by month in the photo section.

See you all tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Book Cover Design Project #15 – Birds Of A Feather…

  1. Again I think it could be a murder mystery, maybe a series, maybe about a mafia of some sort? Hmmm I should start writing. Great design. I really like it because like yesterday, it’s really clean.

  2. OK, after completing this design I thought it would make a good cover for a book about gangs. I also thought of few modifications to the design to help drive the gang theme a little more clearly such as using a bandanna pattern in the red or in the feather. I thought the red color conveyed a gang color and the feather would make a good symbol for innocence and youth that is lost.

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