Book Cover Design Project #16 – Corporate Culture.

“Corporate Culture” –  Is a concept that is studied in a fair amount of detail in the business management world. You would think with all the studies and data regarding corporate culture, organizational culture and organizational behavior there would be few problems in organizations between the business and the people. But we often discover there is usually something that could be done better in that realm.

book cover design project #16 - corporate culture

Today’s design takes us into the cube farm. A typical scene in many very large companies, the cube farm is also the negative stereotype of corporate coldness and lack of personal regard. I used a photo of office cubicles from a vendor website and removed the color information in Photoshop to make it grayscale. Then I adjusted the contrast, blowing out the lightest areas. I was originally going for a photocopied look, but as you can see I decided to go dark. To do this I inverted the image to create a negative image. It gives a bit of a sinister feeling as if the inside of the cubicles are glowing. I set the words Corporate Culture in Helvetica Neue Light. Helvetica is my favorite font, but it is also a plain, sterile type face and is often effective in conveying a cold technical feeling. Here I think it does the job quite well.

Oh, check the comment area for yesterday’s post, Birds Of A Feather to see my after thoughts on that design.

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