Book Cover Design Project #17 – Man In The Moon

“Man In The Moon” – It is human nature to see facial features in everything. Our eyes are drawn to the human form especially facial features. In fact when presented with a choice of visuals our eyes will always track to a face first before moving on to other shapes or objects. Where a face does not actually exist our brains will often translate facial features for us. For a visual explanation, I invite everyone to watch this American Express commercial.

Throughout human history many cultures have some reference to “The Man In The Moon” Some claim an image of a full body carrying a heavy load (Old European) or here in America where we claim just the facial features. Aside from the trick of the eyes that might leave us seeing the man in the moon many cultures at least have stories and myths which refer to a man in, or on, the moon. Today’s design may require you to squint a little to see him, but I’m sure he’s there if you look hard enough.

book cover design project 17 - man in the moon

I chose to use just the dark areas of the moon on a solid back ground. Although this removes the visual circle of the moon I bring it back by repeating the title in a circular path around the dark blotch. I chose various shades of purple or lilac to dominate the composition, just because the saying is “man” in the moon and I thought it would be too boring to choose anything but feminine colors. Hope you all like.

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See you all tomorrow.