Book Cover Design Project #18 – Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

“Out of sight, out of mind” – The idea that something is easily forgotten or dismissed as unimportant if it is not in our direct view. The basic concept behind this expression goes back a long way dating back to the 13th century and beyond. The earliest printing of the phrase is in John Heywood’s Woorkes. A dialogue conteynyng prouerbes and epigrammes, 1562: “Out of sight out of minde.”

book cover design project 18 - out of sight out of mind

Today’s design conveys a basic Constructivist Movement type of feeling. It’s very conceptual but I’m sure you can see the Oval representing a head and the red circle representing the thing that is “out of sight”. The pale yellow triangle represents the field of vision (sight) and the dark impression of a triangle contained within the oval is the mind. The title is set in an Art Deco typeface called Gatsby. I set the portion of the title describing sight just outside the field of vision and the portion describing the mind just out side it’s representative shape. Make sense? If not, let me know.

Reminders: I am always accepting submissions for words or phrases. If you would like to see me design something around yours, submit it in the comments area below. Also, If you are on Facebook please add Circadian Creative’s Facebook page to your “liked” pages. If you log into Facebook and do a search on Circadian Creative it will come up at the top of the list. I update the page daily after each post here and I have also archived the daily designs by month in the photo section.

See you all tomorrow.