Book Cover Design Project #19 – Stephen King’s Misery

Today’s design is Stephen King’s Misery. Now before you see the cover illustration I want you to realize something. And all of you Stephen King die hards will notice it immediately. I chose to illustrate an interpretation from the movie, not the book.

In the Book The Author Paul Sheldon is being nusrsed back to health from a car accident, and held captive, by a psychotic serial killer named Annie Wilkes. After some healing time Paul is able to pick the lock to his room and explore the house while Annie is in town getting supplies. At this time he finds a scrap book that reveals that Annie was once a nurse as well as a serial killer who killed her father, college roommate and several patients in several states. Later Annie realizes that Paul has been out of his room. She punishes him by cutting off his foot with an ax and cauterizes the wound with a blow torch.

book cover design project #19 -steven kings misery

In the Movie, Paul wakes to Annie holding a sledgehammer and realizes there is a block of wood between his ankles. As he wakes, perhaps in a haze of pain killers, Annie begins to describe how long ago slave masters would deal with slaves who escaped from the mines but later recaptured. She described a practice called hobbling where the slaves ankles were broken to prevent them from being able to escape again. Paul is then “hobbled”.

I chose to illustrate the basic elements of that scene. They are quite simplistic yet convey the horror of that moment. I used a typewriter font since Paul is being held captive to write a book for Annie Who is a huge fan of his book series Misery.

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See you all tomorrow.