Book Cover Design Project #23 – The King Of Pop.

A Tribute to Michael Jackson – A Year ago today I was sitting in my car on my lunch break enjoying some time out of the office when I first heard the unconfirmed news report that Michael Jackson was dead. Needless to say I was in shock at the news. There is no doubt that he is/was one of the greatest entertainers and musical artists of the 20th century. Personally, I have never been a huge fan of the King of Pop, but on some level I admired the star and his music all the same. Perhaps I am a fan of “Off The Wall Michael” or “Thriller Michael”, beyond that point he started to lose me a little with the plastic surgeries as well as some of the other bizarre stuff. I say some of the bizarre stuff because on the whole I am often a big fan of bizarre stuff. I also tried not to get all caught up in the child molestation stuff either. I just wanted to remember Michael as he was when I was a child and a teenager, both when he was still with us and after his passing a year ago this day. That is the Michael I am remembering and paying tribute to with today’s daily design.

book cover design project 23 - the king of pop

I tried to keep the imagery very basic but as I started working I had to create the impression of a glossy stage and stars above. The silhouette image of Michael was taken form a desktop wall paper image I found online. I liked this image as I felt it reflected the Michael that I admire. It also gives me the feeling that the physical Michael is gone but his impression or spirit is still on stage in the heart and mind of popular culture. I chose deep purple as the dominating background color as it is the color of royalty. The center of light behind the image of Michael acts as a spotlight but also reiterates that spiritual theme of crossing over. That’s it. Hope you enjoy!

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See you all tomorrow.