5 thoughts on “Brand, Re-brand. Natural Surroundings Logo Redo.

  1. I have to ask if these logos are from actual businesses?? This looks like a good one for a lawn care company. I’d lile to have a patio like this in my backyard!

  2. You’re right the company’s current logo is very good. However it does give more of the impression of a tree service company instead of landscaping/hardscape that they really do. Your version, on the other hand, makes what they do very obvious. The colors and images are also very inviting and friendly even. I would call a company with this logo for sure.

  3. Definately an improvement over the original. I liked it how you incorporated the stonework into the logo, it is a service often left out in brands for landscapers.

  4. i like the og but yours is markedly better… as stated above yours looks like the services provided… theirs appears to be an homage to ‘The Joshua Tree’

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