Music Art #8. Duran Duran, My Own Way.

Today  created artwork for the track My Own Way, which can be found on the RIO album. I used simple shape forms, arrows, to represent direction. I also borrowed similar colors from the album artwork found on the RIO album jacket keeping it simple by only utilizing two of those colors, a lavender blue and medium plum red. See you all tomorrow! ~Sean

music art 8 - duran duran - my own way.

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4 thoughts on “Music Art #8. Duran Duran, My Own Way.

  1. did the og have a bull fighter??? i like this one a lot… this was for the unreleased cas-single… i just got the remasters +DVD on amazon– they are must haves for Duran2 fans… first three + Arcadia available now… Big Thing/Notorious/Liberty coming soon…

    • You are correct. The original single sleeve featured a black background and a pale yellow wood cut image of a bull fighter. Graphically this design doesn’t compare. I was trying to go for very minimalist imagery here. Duran Duran has always had excellent graphic design to represent their image and the image of their albums, singles and tours. I think John Taylor has a design or art school background prior to forming the band with Nick Rhodes and I can’t help but wonder if his vision is a primary force when the band works with designers on concepts.

      • i didn’t think of JT when i think of their style— i give Nick too much credit maybe but i’ve always ‘blamed’ him for their art… that is interesting that JT may have been more of an influence… this does look like it could have been considered maybe for the center sticker of the 12″… i am going to look at that b/c it may be close…

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