Music Art #10. Duran Duran, Strange Behaviour Tour 1987.

I was informed earlier today that the band was sent the link to Circadian Creative! So John, Nick, Simon and Roger – Welcome, I hope you like what you see and thanks for stopping by! Also, thank you for 30 years of great music!

Today I close my Duran Duran design spree with a concert poster. This was an actual show from 1987. It was my first Duran Duran show and, unofficially, my first concert. I can’t consider this a completely original design. However, I will consider it an original layout. The red, black and gold stars and bars graphic was a prominent design element for The Strange Behaviour Tour. It was featured on the cover of the concert program. Other merchandise donned the graphic as well. Personally, I used to own the program and a t-shirt. Where I took liberties can be seen in the textured effect I applied to the red back ground. The original designs featured solid colors. I used the black stripes to frame the three members of the band, converting the images to black and white and under exposing and diminishing their contrast a bit to maintain the original solid black bars as much as possible. I then added the concert details at the top on either side of the star. I also utilized the star to highlight the name of the opening act. That’s about it. Hope you like. Tomorrow is a new day and a new band, or musical artist. Who will it be? I don’t know yet. See you all then.. ~Sean

music art 10 - duran duran - strange behaviour tour 1987

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17 thoughts on “Music Art #10. Duran Duran, Strange Behaviour Tour 1987.

  1. this is the best or at least my personal fav… remember taking MomMom to that show– it was her first DD show as well… i wish i was at her office when she told everyone she was going to a Duran Duran show– i still have the shirts and the program from this actual show… i would love a print of this framed on the wall of fame… this one is tops…

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  3. I would find a way to do this without text on the faces. Perhaps you can move the photo up and then you wouldn’t have so much unused space at the top of the page and the portion below visual center would not be so cramped. As it is, it is very bottom-heavy even with the upwardly directional element of the chevron slicing.


    • Thanks PP, I used varying weights and styles of Futura for most of the typography. The “Strange Behaviour Tour 1987” at the top is set in Eurostile and Eurostile bold.
      The design is not completely original. I went back in time to the design they were using that year and matched the look and feel. The main flaw in this layout is that Simon and Nick’s faces are covered by the ‘D’ and the ‘N’ in DURAN.

  4. Thnx Sean 🙂 I thought that was Futura but needed to know for sure.
    I take it you are a fan of Frank Olinsky’s graphic work for the band during this era too?

  5. BTW: Where you now use Eurostile (for SB Tour 1987) I’d suggest you try the font ‘EngraversGothic’ thats the one that comes most close to the font used on most of their records at the time. And was also used for the innercover of the tourbook this design originates from which Im sure of you know 🙂 Just some designblabla from one designer to another 😉 Keep up the good work

  6. Amazing poster! I know of a friend of mine that would love to purchase one of these. By any chance, do you have any available for sale? It’s probably a long shot, but it never hurts to ask, am I right? 🙂

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience, if you would! Many thanks!

    • Thanks Scott.

      No it never hurts to ask but unfortunately there are no physical posters printed, for sale or otherwise. This is a mock design and it would be illegal for me to profit from it.

      Thanks again,

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