8 thoughts on “Music Art #15. CAKE’s Win A Tree Program!

  1. I have one word – GREAT! The top image perfectly represents a well cared for tree, with the bottom image showing the strong roots that keep it that way. Love the simplistic design that speaks volumes.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it Stella. I visited your website and I am very impressed with your photography! Your composition is perfect. Great wedding and couple’s shots. Human subjects are very difficult for me. I usually photograph objects, architecture and landscapes.

    • Thanks Jonathan, You might be interested to know that Cake’s current manager also manged Duran Duran back during the early 1990’s Wedding Album era. I was emailing with him over the weekend.

      • isn’t he married to Dolores O Riordon (sp!) from the Cranberries (as she met him whike opening for DD in 1993-4

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