Happy Birthday Lilly!

Today I am giving a huge, Hello Kitty, birthday shout out to my niece Lilly. Her birthday was actually on the 18th of August but much of my family will be converging on her home in a few hours for her official 2nd Birthday celebration. So I waited until today to post her design. It seems like only yesterday she was just a little tiny baby. They grow up so quick, sniff, sniff. Happy Birthday Lilly, I love you! ~Uncle Sean.

happy birthday lilly!

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1 thought on “Happy Birthday Lilly!

  1. Thank you Sean for the lovely design! Simon and I were so happy that you and Colleen made such a huge trip for Lilly. I know she was all grumpy today, but that’s what being two is all about. She really is a sweetheart and has a heart as big as she is. I wish she could see you all more often. Thank you so much for her cute outfit and Tigger. That was cool you two were able to find something for Lilly at Disney when you were in Florida this Summer. Tigger and Pooh are her favorite Disney characters, she doesn’t even know who Mickey and Minnie are. After she had calmed down a bit later in the day, she started playing with her new toys and grabbed her Tigger and gave him a big squeeze, so cute! I’m sure she’ll be in better spirits when you all see her at Labor Day.



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