Music Art #22. The Cure, The Hanging Garden

Today we move closer to the spooky dark impression that The Cure often evoke in their music and lyrics with an image for their song The Hanging Garden. As we progress with The Cure this week be prepared to experience haunting and unsettling imagery. At least achieving that feeling will be my goal. Today I used a photo that I took this past spring right before the trees had foliage. I inverted the photo creating a negative image and over processed it with some hue, saturation and level adjustments. Then added some elegant yet grungy typography. That’s it. Fairly typical of mid-1980’s Cure imagery. My favorite album art by the way is The Head On the Door. See everyone tomorrow with more Spook-tacular design! ~Sean

music art 22 - the cure - the hanging garden

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2 thoughts on “Music Art #22. The Cure, The Hanging Garden

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