Music Art #23. The Cure, All Cats Are Grey.

Before I begin with today’s design I would like to welcome all the Cure fans visiting from thanks for visiting!

More old school Cure design today with a design for a song called All Cats Are Grey. The song can be found on the Faith Album and it is a melancholy tune with very few lyrics. The song, I believe, describes a person who has reached a state where everything has lost it’s meaning. The title of the song comes from an old expression, “all cats are grey in the dark.” The expression describes that when things are dismal and dark nothing appears to have any particular significance.

On a side note, this is an actual photo that I took of my cat Q. He is a scary one isn’t he? (If you like Q you might like these two appearances from Circadian Creative MacQuber and Q’s Birthday). Hope you enjoy and I will see you all tomorrow. ~Sean

music art 23 - the cure - all cats are grey

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1 thought on “Music Art #23. The Cure, All Cats Are Grey.

  1. Although I feel sad for Q that you did this to his picture (because he’s not scary at all, but a real sweetie), I have to say the effect is awesome! The yellow eye really gets you, especially with the way the type is set to the right of the photo.

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