Music Art #25. The Cure, High.

Today’s post is the final Cure design. I went very clean with this one. I used another of my photos, this one is cropped in on a kite which is flying over Virginia Beach. The day of the photo shoot was actually cloudy and gray but I altered the image to give it a bluish cast. I chose a clean display type to set the name of the band and the title of the song. I also repeated the song title, stacking each instance of it and using a range of transparency to give an impression of motion as if the title is rising up into the sky. Ah, simplicity.

Thanks again to all the visiting Cure fans! I’m very happy you’ve enjoyed these designs and I really appreciate the great feedback you’ve all posted on The Cure forums. See you all tomorrow with another band or solo artist!~Sean.

music art 25 - the cure - high

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