Music Art #33. The Beatles’ Mad Day Out.

Today’s design is created around a photo of the fab four taken in July of 1968. The photo shoot is commonly known as the Mad Day Out. This period in time was also the beginning of the end for The Beatles. Tensions were growing within the band and this day which should have been a welcome and healthy diversion for the guys was at times not so pleasant, thus the name Mad Day Out. I chose to use a black and white image for the drama that black and white images often evoke. I also chose to use black to frame the top and bottom of the photo. I feel that this symbolizes the dark heaviness of impending end which seemed to be gradually crushing the cohesiveness of the band. I chose an elegant sans serif typeface to set the name of the band and the title of their day. This typography is reflected in the bottom half of the composition. This is done to evoke how the visual posture of each band member reflects what is eventually to become their end as a cohesive unit. They all appear to be preoccupied. Even Paul who takes to goofing off quite easily. Here he seems to be attempting a comical pose but also realizing that perhaps this is no time for laughs. He also seems to be shielding himself behind Ringo in much the same way one might shield himself from watchful eyes or from being hit with a thrown projectile. That’s it for today. Hope you like and I will see everyone tomorrow! ~Sean

music art 33 - the beatles - mad day out

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2 thoughts on “Music Art #33. The Beatles’ Mad Day Out.

  1. I really like the feeling of this piece due to the black and white image and the black top and bottom. Even without your description, I could have guessed at the mood behind this day for these guys. Great job portraying an atmosphere.

  2. This is REALLY good! Don’t remember seeing this picture before,but the way you did it in black and white shows how serious the day was, even with Paul being a little goofy!

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