Modern Architecture 2.

Another photo taken by me of some more modern architecture. This is part of the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts, located  in Virginia Beach Town Center.  Again, I desaturated the image and then gave the image an indigo tone. I used the same modern sans serif typeface as yesterday for the wording. See you tomorrow!  ~Sean

modern architecture 2

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2 thoughts on “Modern Architecture 2.

  1. Indigo was the perfect choice. Gives the idea of reaching toward the sky. Which is what you’re doing with this project. BTW – I’m very proud of you for undertaking such a huge commitment as a year-long project, and keeping up with it loyally every day.

  2. Nice…I think an extra touch that may have been nice would have been taking the “ecture” apart from the rest of the word and placing it so that it looked like it were on the protruding face of the building.


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