Wacom Tablet, Day 3.

Wacom Tablet, Day 3. Today I spent considerably more time with the tablet this morning. I intended to work on gray scale again, like with yesterday’s creation, but ended up playing with color instead. This image would be similar to something I might create with oil on canvas or pastels. I felt much more comfortable today and may try experimenting more this evening. Hope you like. If anyone has any Wacom tips or knows of some good online resources feel free to offer them in the comment area below or on the Circadian Creative Facebook page. See you all tomorrow. ~Sean

wacom tablet day 3

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1 thought on “Wacom Tablet, Day 3.

  1. I love this picture. It does look like a painting, especially when you see it without the writing. I feel like this is an image, that if larger in size, would be hung on the walls of many living rooms (including mine). It’s very peaceful and the soft colors are soothing.

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