Composite Imagery, Day 1.

Composite Imagery Day 1. I really enjoyed working in Photoshop during October using the Wacom graphics tablet. I decided a couple days ago that I would try to use Photoshop more often for the daily designs and at that time I realized that creating images by compositing multiple photos or other images would be a good exercise. So for the next several days, or perhaps the remainder of November I will be compositing images to create one image.

composite image day 1

This image was created using three photos. The upper third of the image is a back lit shot of tree branches. The the middle layer is a photo of a wolf’s den taken at the National Zoo in Washington DC. The lower third is a close up of water, blended with a flipped copy of the wolf’s den, to create a feeling of reflection. Finally, I used a photo of a rough concrete wall a subtle overlay to give a uniform feeling of being weathered or grungy. I look forward to reading your impressions as I would like to compare them with the impression I was going for when I began compositing. I would also be happy to get suggestions on future composites or other projects. See you all tomorrow! ~Sean.

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2 thoughts on “Composite Imagery, Day 1.

  1. I love love love this. It’s amazing to realize that there are numerous pictures in there. To me, together the design looks like a den on the side of a river late in the evening as the fog rolls in and the full moon shines down on the scene.

  2. this is awesome– first i see a ‘Beaver condo’ then i think the den looks like a golum of some sort rising from the water maybe the evil trash heap down at fraggle rock… down at fraggle rock… very nice work

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