Composite Imagery Day 3. Butterfl-eye.

Composite Imagery Day 3. This eerie, surreal image is a compilation of a butterfly I photographed several years ago and my right eye. Not much else to say about it. Hope you like it and I hope it evoke some sort of feeling whether it be cool or creepy. See you all tomorrow! ~Sean.

composite imagery day 3 butterfl-eye

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3 thoughts on “Composite Imagery Day 3. Butterfl-eye.

  1. its the eye butterfly– reminds me of my old buddy the ‘eye’ from cherry st days– the girls would be screaming… member when we used the glow in the dark paint and left the light on ‘to charge’ while we went to stay at your place? then when they shut off the light and we had been gone for hours– they thought it was Tim. they still crapped themselves tho– sorry Tim.

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