Composite Imagery, Day 5. Dreams of Summer.

Composite Imagery Day 5. Today Colleen and I had a very nice day. Driving around town with the top down, running errands. It was lovely weather but became quite chilly after sunset and I thought of how just a mere month or so ago it wouldn’t have been so cold. Don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn, and I even love winter. I was just dreaming of it being a few degrees warmer, at least for just an hour or 2 more.  See you all tomorrow! ~Sean.

composite imagery day 5 dreams of summer

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3 thoughts on “Composite Imagery, Day 5. Dreams of Summer.

    • Thanks Colleen. This is three photos taken around the same time. The top portion is a sky shot taken for the really great cloud formations, The bottom portion is a nice shot of ocean waves crashing on the beach and the lower left image is a close-up of a sea shell.

  1. The weekend here was beautiful as well. Hate to see the warm evenings of summer go,but Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Your “Summer Dreams” will give us something to dream about this Winter as we look forward to warmer days ahead!

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