Off The Grid #3.

Off The Grid #3. Another simple grid. You can read more about design grids here. See you all tomorrow with something more interesting. ~Sean.

off the grid 3

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2 thoughts on “Off The Grid #3.

  1. This is very interesting if this is just a photo layout. But if this is meant to be a layout for an article it has some major issues.

    A.) Where are the cutlines? This is one of my design pet-peeves, can you tell? I always want an explanation of what the photos is and what is happening in the photo. Also, the photographer deserves credit at the very least. I know Magazines sometimes handle this in the byline for the article, but still.

    B.) The text jumps over the photos. Text completely jumping over any element (pull quote, photo, etc.) can create confusion and frustration for the reader. Centering the photos between columns so that the text wraps around them might be a better way to create a similar layout without making the readers jump around.

    What are your thoughts?


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