Off The Grid #7.

Off The Grid #7. Ok, I said I would be back with something more interesting for several days and really didn’t deliver. Hopefully this is a little more interesting as far as grid related layouts go. See you tomorrow… with another one. ~Sean

off the grid 7

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2 thoughts on “Off The Grid #7.

  1. Your elements seem to be very far apart. More that the standard pica. I’m curious as to why you made this choice. I like white space as much as the next person, but it might hinder the ease of reading and the width of those columns will certainly hinder ease of readership.

    To top it all off you chose a san serif font for the copy which I see more and more nowadays and It always strikes me as a bad choice. Maybe you can make a believer out of me — why san serif? Especially when serif is so much better for eas of reading more than a sentence or two?


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