Off The Grid #8.

Off The Grid #8. A quick layout because I am tired from my long drive today. See you tomorrow. ~Sean

off the grid 8

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1 thought on “Off The Grid #8.

  1. I really like this upon first glance, and I’m actually looking into designing a magazine soon. Again I still don’t get the choice of san serif for the body copy, but if you can convince me I’m in…

    But I also don’t like the double hard return between paragraphs rather than indentations at the beginning of paragraphs. I feel that it implies that what is coming next is not related to the previous text. It is a very hard stop for me and it will be for any reader too. I think it may ultimately frustrate them and encourage them to stop before the article is over if the article is very long. They may not realize this is why they are making the choice, but subconsciously having to jump so many breaks will become exhausting.

    Beyond that the issue of cutlines for photos is also in my head. Where will you explain what these photos are?


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