Daily Design #271. Let It Snow.

Daily Design #271. This was more appropriate yesterday as I was snowed in at Virginia Beach in a freak blizzard. We ended up with about a foot of snow! See  you all tomorrow with another design! ~Sean.

daily design 271 let it snow

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2 thoughts on “Daily Design #271. Let It Snow.

  1. I think this would have been stronger if all the text hadn’t been centered and if the shadows had been below the text rather than above them. Also, having the top line of text significantly smaller than the middle line and then making the bottom “let it snow” fill the width of your design space more fully would have created a greater emotional impact.

    Also, if you had been able to tilt and modify the text so that it looked like it was floating down in the space, again, it may have created a more emotional impact. Perhaps having all the text askew and not in traditional lines and sentence form could have created a floating feeling as well.

    Part of me also really likes that you chose a fat, rounded font for your text because it almost conjures up a snowman. But if snowman is what you were aiming for maybe you should have had the final line of text sitting on top of your “snow” at the bottom of the page rather than in reverse.

    Furthermore — and I would have to see different samples in order to know if this would work — a lighter font may have been able to evoke an emotional response or even that floating feel without much effort being put into adding effects to the text.


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