5 thoughts on “Daily Design #301.

  1. Hey Seán,

    Came across your site as I was wandering through WP. Im a graphic designer by trade and I have just taken on a challenge very similar to yours to stretch my creative muscles without the normal challenges of paid work.

    Anyway, good luck to you in your challenge (at post #301… amazing!!) and if you get a chance pop over and check out mine!

    Ben Hood

    • Thanks Ben,
      I gave your site a brief look and I will definitely stop back to take it all in soon. I’m very excited that I have not missed a day yet in this one year challenge. When I started this I was following a few other 365 design projects and non of them have stuck with it. What I’m doing each day isn’t winning me any design awards here, but committing yourself to doing at least something, anything, each and everyday is a great exercise! I highly recommend it. And after I finish this project I feel I will be poised to embark on something else that’s more advanced. Thanks again for your kind words and I’ll see ya around!

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