Daily Design #312. Happy 100th Birthday Ronald Reagan.

Daily Design #312. A personal hero of mine is President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Before I knew, or cared, of anything political, the image of Reagan instilled in me a feeling of safety and security. That, in Reagan’s view, was the first and foremost responsibility of any government to it’s citizenry. For a Government to attempt to extend it’s responsibilities much further than the safety and security of it’s citizens would inevitably result in a failure to itself and it’s people. Like the founders of the United States, Reagan believed that the individual was more than capable of administering their own personal destiny and that a government that attempted to interfere in that individual liberty was nothing less that tyrannical. This is the system of government that each of us as American’s has inherited, and often takes for granted, and it is our responsibility to be sure that the gift of individual liberty is paid forward to our children and grandchildren.

I leave you all with the closing words form a 1974 speech by Ronald Wilson Reagan. See you all tomorrow. ~Sean.

daily design 312 happy 100th birthday ronald reagan“We cannot escape our destiny, nor should we try to do so. The leadership of the free world was thrust upon us two centuries ago in that little hall of Philadelphia. In the days following World War II, when the economic strength and power of America was all that stood between the world and the return to the dark ages, Pope Pius XII said, ‘The American people have a great genius for splendid and unselfish actions. Into the hands of America God has placed the destinies of an afflicted mankind.’

We are indeed, and we are today, the last best hope of man on earth.”

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